Luxury, haute couture, and elegance are what come to mind when someone mentions the name Dior. Synonymous with high fashion, most people don’t know the rich and sometimes sad history behind the brand. The man behind the name was one of the most popular couturiers of the 20th century as his talent re-introduced femininity into the fashion scene of post-WWII France and dictated style around Europe and even further.


Dior wanted to show exactly what the new capsule stands for, beauty, leisure, and vacation mood. As requested to capture the pure vacation style, soft lights, and the breezy summer evening under the clear skies of Mykonos.


After thoroughly thinking about the request, we create a preset based on Dior's luxurious colors and the clean minimal environment of Myconian architecture. Capturing the event we tried to show clean soft images like a family vacation album that everyone wanted to remember forever.