Gellissimo Biscotto ||


Since 2018, Gelisimo has opened doors in Toumpa area to welcome people with a love for the brunch. The creative dishes of the gel are a temptation for city dwellers and visitors alike. A meeting place for friends, families, people with a common love for good food in a home environment that ends up becoming the hangout of its visitors.


GELLISSIMO BISCOTO II as the second branch, request to create their social media profiles, content, and monitor audience and campaigns. Just because they were new in the neighborhood they wanted to create brand awareness so new guests could go there and experience their restaurant. content, social media, ads, campaign, strategy.


We wanted to create something that guests could experience and just before they pay a visit they would know about it. Our content-based on eye candy dishes and fresh juices. Extra sweets and small gifts were served to the first customers as a way to make them try more stuff that the restaurant was offering. We set up nice graphics about their new menu, we did a photoshoot of the place and the dishes while we were monitoring the ads and campaigns we were running. We targeted young people who love brunch and families with kids.