Jusu borthers


Jusu Brothers is a superfood pan-Asian eatery and soothing juice bar that offers a wide range of organic bites and juices. The Japanese energy consistent throughout the creative and stylish interior brings a breath of fresh air upon entering the Jusu Brothers home.


Jusu Brothers willing to update its social media presence and photograph the menu in a minimal way reflecting the Japanese energy that Jusu Brothers has.


Having a quick check on Jusu Brothers' social media accounts we wanted to keep the consistency of the previous posts as our key goal. Not wanting to change the visitor experience in the social media profiles we created a minimal concept with Asian elements like pure Asian brown rice paper along with soft white and a lot of greenery. Based on the dishes and their ingredients we started mixing elements like green decoration and flowers. We used natural lights and a nice restaurant location to shoot the menu. We wanted to create a creamy soft white look so the user could focus on the dishes.