Moni is a Private Nightclub for friends located in Mykonos Greece. The club's name was inspired by the neighboring church of "Αγία Μόνη" which stands alone unlike Mykonos' 800+ churches which were always built in pairs. Established in 2013, Moni was inspired by local aesthetics and international hospitality. It’s a place where their international friends will feel at home.


Moni wishing to highlight the raw moments of friends having fun and show the pure party atmosphere of ’80s-’90s.Elegance and quality mentioned as standard by Moni.


Taking into account Moni’s point of view, we managed to create consistency in the pictures posted on their social media. We achieved that by creating a preset based on the yellowish/orange look of old film pictures with soft highlights and contrasted. We kept in focus al the time to maintain consistency by keeping the same values and settings on the equipment used. Added on that we created a video showcasing Moni people having pure fun and enjoy the Mykonian summer like locals used to in motion (video).