Aegean team


The Aegean Team is an urban non-profit company. Its activities include medical care and treatment of residents of the remote Aegean islands. It also implements construction projects such as schools, playgrounds and areas to support the general needs of each island. Now this organization completes 26 years of activity in the Greek seas.


The Aegean team asked us to create a video on the new wheelchair ramp they built and installed in Koufonissi, giving access to people with mobility difficulties so that they can swim freely in the sea. The protagonist of the video is the Paralympic swimming athlete Antonis Tsapatakis. Another important goal of the action was to communicate via video that Koufonisia is a destination equally accessible to all people.


Our team initially created a video production and direction plan based on the goals and needs of the project. The audio material we recorded includes the recitation of a poem in order to create emotions in combination with the visual effect. Antonis T., as the ambassador of the action, starred and recited the poem. As for the cinematography, we wanted to project in the most natural way the beauties of the island and the safe accessibility of people with mobility disabilities at sea.