selina - the athens rooftop


Selina offers hospitality in unique destinations around the world. Situated in Theater Square, where Athens’ first stone-built theatre functioned during the 19th century, Selina Theatrou Athens allows guests to experience the magic of the city like a local.


Selina Athens organized the Sleepover Project, a 2-day event experiencing Selina Athens. Creative and media guests were invited to stay and experience what Selina tastes. Yoga, food, workshops, and a sunset party were some of what happened during the event. Selina requested to create a content strategy for the event under their creative guidelines.


After thoroughly studying the client’s background and way of operation, Soon proposed to create a series of videos showcasing each activity Selina organised for the guests. Combined with photography we managed to create a complete album highlighting and sharing Selina's experience across all media platforms in a cool catchy way.